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Sammy Mage of Hope (Short hair) by Sammykh Sammy Mage of Hope (Short hair) :iconsammykh:Sammykh 1 0 Frisk by Sammykh Frisk :iconsammykh:Sammykh 0 0 Mos by Sammykh Mos :iconsammykh:Sammykh 1 0
Human Zathie Chapter 1
I pretty much live in detention and you’re a straight A student here on your first offense. Wanna add another and skip detention with me?
    Jackie Caldona had been called after class. She didn't know why, but she knew it wasn't good. Jackie walked up to the Teachers desk after the bell rang, and sat down on the chair before the teacher.
    "Jackie" Mrs. Schuldke said, gently but sternly. "It has come to my attention that you cheated on last weeks test."
    "What? I didn't I swear! Who told you this lie?" Jackie exclaimed, jumping out of the chair, flattening her hands atop the desk.
    "I won't say, but since this is your first offence I will just leave you with a warning and an hour of detention. You may go" Mrs. Schulke began writing on a small pink slip of paper then handed it to Jackie, who angrily walked out the door, and into the hallway. As she walked down the hallway, she got more and more nervous. Then she arrived.
:iconsammykh:Sammykh 1 2
Reiden and Jackie by Sammykh Reiden and Jackie :iconsammykh:Sammykh 2 4 Reidan Malloy by Sammykh Reidan Malloy :iconsammykh:Sammykh 2 0
The Art Of Passing Time
I suggest playing"Chant of Immortality" as you read this fic. It helps the mood of it.
It was a sad day for Canterlot. For all of equestria really. One last heroic adventure, had led to tragedy. Silence was the only thing in the Grand Hall that afternoon. Five caskets lined up in a row in the front of the hall. Celestia and Luna sat behind them. The two senior Princesses barley managing to keep their composure. Spike, who was halfway into adulthood, stood nearby. Everypony in the room was dressed in black. The Choir began to sing.
"Rememberance, part of every life, numerous regrets, the art of passing time. Not one forgets, spent nights of chasing days, eternal rest, to witness being erased."
Spike stepped forward, standing in front of the caskets, began to sing solo.
"It is seldom seen in this world of now. It is welcome universe and out. It is seen only from eyes of thine. Is it free, tis only by invite."
The Choir joined him in singing the chorus.
"Rememberance, part of ev
:iconsammykh:Sammykh 0 0
How Alcor Stole Christmas
Christmas Eve    
       This was the last straw. He knew he shouldn’t have, but he was glad he used his omniscience this year to look at the gifts. Mabel’s  ’gag gift’ of the year, was the Twin Souls trilogy. She has gone too far. It was time for revenge. Alcor checked on everyone in the shack, to make sure they were still sleeping. Once he was sure that no one would wake for awhile, (extra good dreams for everyone!) he donned a Grinch outfit he conjured himself, and with a snap of his fingers, put it on. He then crept down the stairs tiptoe fashion, giggling to himself.  He then got to the tree. They had him sit on the top of the stupid thing for hours for pictures while he was in his object form.  With a snap of his fingers, the tree, along with the presents,were teleported into the mindscape.
Christmas Morning
Later that evening, Alcor was s
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Jackie and Zathie by Sammykh Jackie and Zathie :iconsammykh:Sammykh 3 0
Museum of Stars
She ran. She saw an opening, and ran. She ran away from Mother and Uncle, body still aching, and into the forest. She didn't even bother glancing back, their shouts still echoing in her mind. She didn't know where she was going, but she knew she had to run as fast as she could to get as far away as possible. After a while of dodging branches, shrubs and trees, her stamina ran out and she collapsed on the forest floor, panting heavily. Looking around, she saw that she was deep in the forest, and considerably lost. Instead of fear, she felt relieved. She was finally free and they won’t be able to find her now. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted what looked like an old shack. To get a better look of it, she walked towards it. ‘Perhaps I can take shelter here for the night,’ she thought to herself.  
“Hello Leyanna,” she heard as she walked up to the door of the shack. She spun around, adrenaline shooting through her body in anticipation of a confr
:iconsammykh:Sammykh 6 3
If your OC was part of a group project, would they goof off or help work on the project?
Jackie would def just want to get it done. Zathie would goof off a bit, but once she knows what to do she will get to work.
Do they procrastinate?
Jackie doesn't, Zathie does.
If your OC was at a dance party what would they do?
Jackie would sit near a corner, until Zathie grabs her and forces her to dance.
How good are your OC’s dancing skills?
Zathie dances crazy, Jackie is a surprisingly good dancer.
Has your OC been caught doing anything embarrassing and if so, what was it?
Jackie once slipped and fell in the cafeteria at her school, and she landed in her food. That only turned out well for her because the guy who helped her became her first boyfriend later on when she transitioned. He also introduced her to the chat client which helped her meet Zathie.
Zathie is not embarrassed easy. Each thing that happens that would be embarrassing to so
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Tasty Bill by Sammykh Tasty Bill :iconsammykh:Sammykh 32 16 Bottled Bill by Sammykh Bottled Bill :iconsammykh:Sammykh 30 16
[Clever ,sad, and meaningful title here]
There are crucial things you must know in this fic.
#1, You must have watched the entire first season of Gravity Falls
#2, You must read up to the end of the first trial in Cartoon Rompus, Link below:
this is 100% Dippers POV
Also, very sad. Anyway, here you are:
     The bell for lunchtime rang. Everyone filed into the room and got their food. Even though it had been a few days since Mike’s execution, the two empty spaces at the table were pronounced. Jazz began our seemingly hourly "healing" process. We were still pretty messed up from the shock of the few days previous, and Jake was still more upset than any of us. After all,  they were his two best friends here. Nobody was really listening. After our grief counseling, we began to eat. Most of it was in silence.  After lunch we all began to mill about. Shezow, Maz and I just stayed at the
:iconsammykh:Sammykh 7 11
Wendy Heir of Life by Sammykh Wendy Heir of Life :iconsammykh:Sammykh 10 0 Juniper Lee Knight of Hope by Sammykh Juniper Lee Knight of Hope :iconsammykh:Sammykh 7 0


[VLL] Melancholy by CyborgVirus [VLL] Melancholy :iconcyborgvirus:CyborgVirus 94 6 Demencia. by meetworp Demencia. :iconmeetworp:meetworp 233 15 Demencia | Villainous Fan art! by CorytheC Demencia | Villainous Fan art! :iconcorythec:CorytheC 368 28 dementia by Ta-Na dementia :iconta-na:Ta-Na 417 15 Villainous Fan Art: Dementia by AceOfBros Villainous Fan Art: Dementia :iconaceofbros:AceOfBros 111 2 Devil's thrill by Kisachi Devil's thrill :iconkisachi:Kisachi 183 39 OH NO! by CelerezMadnessUtau OH NO! :iconcelerezmadnessutau:CelerezMadnessUtau 63 2 [Villainous] Is not easy by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Is not easy :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 190 23 [Villainous] He's mine by owoSesameowo [Villainous] He's mine :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 210 13 Get Jinxed by Guava-Pie Get Jinxed :iconguava-pie:Guava-Pie 49 2 Dementia cosplaying Jinx by kiruki1999 Dementia cosplaying Jinx :iconkiruki1999:kiruki1999 88 3 PaperHat by x0anime-live0x PaperHat :iconx0anime-live0x:x0anime-live0x 35 27 Paperhat! - Cry baby by SuicideMummy Paperhat! - Cry baby :iconsuicidemummy:SuicideMummy 107 15 Join the Crowd by scarvesNties Join the Crowd :iconscarvesnties:scarvesNties 99 5 Paperhat by KowalIclski Paperhat :iconkowaliclski:KowalIclski 120 6 You're Not Leaving Until I'm Done With You by Sinister-Toaster You're Not Leaving Until I'm Done With You :iconsinister-toaster:Sinister-Toaster 94 5
I will no longer be uploading fics onto this website. If you want to read my new stuff, go to or Sammykh on AO3. My writing tumblr will be updated on my new writings nomatter the location, so it is your best bet. Thaanks


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Hai! I am Sammy, Mage of Hope. I love cartoons, im a child at heart, and currently going to a Comunity College. Im 20, I love to write. Sometime I will come up with random Ideas, and I also do writing exersises. I have 2 tumblr blogs.

Hope you enjoy my works, watch and Follow <3


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